Backyard Bounce AZ BBB Business Review Safety Policy

Safety Policy

*DO NOT USE EQUIPMENT IN WINDS OVER 20 MPH or while it is raining. Turn off motor! The equipment can turn over resulting in serious injuries to the occupants. Do not resume operations until adverse conditions cease.

*Remove Shoes, jewelery, glasses, belts with buckles and any other sharp or hard objects. empty out all pockets.

*Units must be staked down and/or secured with sandbags on corners. Do not move or reposition the units from the secured positions that Backyard Bounce AZ and/or their representativs have secured them.

*There must be adult supervision AT ALL TIMES from the lessee/lessee representative that recieved, signed and acknowledged full understanding of all safety and operator instructions upon delivery of the unit from Backyard Bounce AZ and/or their representatives.

*No use of food, drinks, confetti, candy or trash of any kind in the inflatable units. A minimum $50 cleaning fee will be assessed to lessee for any unit stained from food/drink or trash.

*Absolutely NO SILLY STRING allowed in or around the inflatable units. silly string's chemical formula permanantly damages the vinyl used to make inflatables. If silly string is used on or around the equipment and stains the equipment in any way, lessee will be charged an automatic $500 damage fee. If the inflatable is unrepairable lessee will be charged the full replacement cost of the inflatable, minus the $500, and we will give you the stained inflatable to keep.

*If blower stops or air pressue is low, remove children and check on problem. Check that the air tubes in the rear of the unit are securely tied to the blower and any unused tubes are tied off. If you have generator problems or the problem continues CALL THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY at 480-848-3721

*Each of our units require a dedicated electrical unit.

*Enter and exit unit in a sitting position.

*No hanging, boucing into each other, flips, somersaults, piggy back rides, climbing on the netting (inside or out of the unit), bouncing against walls or jumping/running thorough the entrance/exit of the unit.

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Backyard Bounce AZ BBB Business Review